trued 1024x1024 Moon MotherFucking Boots

We love Moon Boots. Never worn them — we’re talking about the producer/soulelectrofunk mastermind who we blogged about in 2012 that is about to set the world on fire and force everyone to move to Mars. Honestly, when we blogged Moon Boots two years ago this is exactly what we expected to happen… and despite the fact that we never helped make any of the music, or threw a show for them (just cause… we’re poor. No bankroll), I gotta say I feel like a proud papa. And when these Moon Boots are stomping all over the country creating electro disco grooves of epic proportions at concert halls and discotechs — we’ll be smiling like idiots. Not cause we had anything to do with it, but just cause it’s all so fucking good. Godspeed Moon Boots. Please figure out how to take us to Mars with you when this place is burning down all around us.

Moon Boots – Don’t Ask Why (feat. Kyiki)

Moon Boots – C.Y.S.

Allison Valentine – Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix)

Churches – The Mother We Share (Moonboots Remix)


Moon Boots – No One

Moon Boots – Love Strong


dungeoneze Dungeoneze

Dungeoneze is a producer who has some unknown affiliation with Big Boi (prob makes songs for him or something… but without googling, how can we ever really know? And what if googling is wrong. I’m gonna google that.) He’s also responsible for the craziest visualizations of the year (indirectly or directly– again without googling it’s tough to know.)

Big Boi & Yarbrough And Peoples – Thom Yarbrough (Dungeoneze Remix)

Big Boi – C.P.U. 2.0 (Sade / Little Dragoon Dugeoneze Remix)

Blood Orange AKA Dev Hines

barcelona Blood Orange AKA Dev HinesFeliz Navidad, Nuevo Ano, etc. Please excuse the lack of tildes, I have no idea how to type them. Blood Orange is an electro project by Devonte Hines (aka Lightspeed Champion.) Not sure why he keeps rebranding/changing names, but he has some standout tracks with Theophilus London and Solange among others and is definitely someone to listen to with your ears no matter what he decides to go by. His whole soundcloud page is worth your time but my favorite track (the Holy Ghost bootleg of ‘You’re not good enough’) is available for download below.